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really exciting, nothing to improve really

whine whine

waaaaaaaaah, theres a japanese version of this with a bunch of jpgs in shit quality waaaaaah



Plot: probably the dumbest thing (not in a good way) ever since it did not make sense at all, anti clock movies had some kind of effect 5 years ago when they still made movies, voice actors are pretty much a must nowadays too, since the text was all too fast or too slow

Graphics: VERY basic, does not look good at all

Sound: song fades in, song fades out

Animation: tweens can look really good, yours didn't, really, really weak

Interactivity: pretty good preloader but the menu interface is terrible, when i clicked the extras menu and the development story, the back button came at the same place as your link button so it couldnt go back and i was sent to that site.

stick to making flash tutorials, they are awesome and helped me out when i was learning flash, this was shit


i get it now, good song=good score

wow, lip sync.

the major part of the video is simply a pixeled face lipsyncing to the song, with a little bit of stickmen assing around with the portal gun

how could this become so popular?


that was perfection


i enjoyed this little collab, especially the keyboard playing jason dude, the last part was a bit dull though

awesome song for some reason


Sinista 1: mayun you sure can draw good

newshape 1: didnt really float my boat, a bit wierd

f0d 1: aint nothing like a good ol racist joke to brighten up the day

gfc: who is that silly fellow making that silly face?

f0d 2: even better then the other ngr commercial

mr show: Incredibly hilarious the best out of all parts

jeb: theres a lil pixel next to the white fellow that moves too

zekey 1: yay windmill

kodiakclock: cheers me up

newshape 2: uh what

adam ant 1: not bad at all, sure better then that alvin earthworm fellow

zekey 2: lolz poop

sinista: that song is so fucking awesome holy shit

psi43: ew ddr im shit at that

notorious: straight up ganksta

adam ant 2: surff

mightydein: the new a team

revrent: silly goths

adam ant 3: cr0mZX

XF11: good animation but what the fuck is up with the music?

stagb: shocking

rtil: classic

adam ant 4: another insho cartoon :D

newshape: amusing

randomperson: o shit anime :O

adam ant 5: ventrilo harassment rocks my cock

poor little gary, noone else would lend him money

not even his realtives :(

F00D responds:

i feel so bad for him


who the fuck voice acted this :D

Heil responds:


oh those silly niggurs

there is nothing like a good racist joke in the morning to brighten up my day

seriously mang that was awesome in every way, all of em

TheStarSyndicate responds:

i dont know why but i saw "niggurs," "mang," and "all of em" and thought you had said "hang niggurs, all of them" :'(

ProjectAce100 says: I don't know what Foamy is, but I know you're a piece of shit

Fuk yuo @trashcanman

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fuck me

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